Honda HR-V 2018 VS Honda HR-V 2019; What to Choose

 Purchasing a car is one of the most difficult things especially when you have diverse choices available. Each car has a unique feature which makes it remarkable among others. What’s your thought on this? 

Anyways, I am sure if you are more into cars and its modification then you have heard about Honda HR-V 2019- a modified yet classical model.

Oh, I know the majority of you are confused and wondering which would be worthy enough to go for. HR-V 2018 or HR-V 2019? (Hmm, sounds like a big decision). 

Don’t worry, we could help you with this. Let’s have a quick comparison of both; model 2018 and model 2019. This will help you in making a wise choice. 

Significant modifications 

Well, in case of modifications there are not many features that are modified. In between 2018 and 2019 Honda HR-V, there are very few differences. This includes the option and of both; automatic and manual transmission in Honda HRV 2018. However, in the model of 2019, there is only one option of transmission and that is- automatic. In line with this. Trim levels of 2019 have been modified to at little extent. Although, technically there very few changes in the new model. So yeah, till now, you are at all ease to choose anyone. 

Let’s compare Trim 

Trigger warning- this could put you in confusion. Would like to know how? Let’s see. In the 2018 Honda HRV, there are only three levels where the LX and EX trims are specifically for the manual transmissions. On the other hand, the EX-L trim is particularly restricted for an automatic. Also, there is an option to purchase all-wheel-drive elevate on all trims. 

Comparatively, the model of 2019 has two additional trims which are completely for the automatic transmission. Not only this, but the model of 2019 also has aligned Sport and Touring trims. While, the elevation of all-wheel-drive is still there, as it is. 

Price matters too 

This is the point where many of you might have to change the decision. As we all know that prices eventually get increases when the features are upgraded. So yeah, you got it right. Prices of 2019 are comparatively high than the model of 2018. 

Manual transmissions are technically quite reasonable in terms of prices. But, as this one feature has been eliminated in the model of 2019 thus, the base cost is a bit increase of 2019 than the base cost of 2018. However, the difference in prices in MSRP is relatively low. Overall, an integrated increase in the EX and EX-L trims is $1,200 and $200. Whereas modified touring trim is $3,400 more than the EX-L model of 2018. 

Ok, I know many of you are enough excited to get your hands on the keys of Honda HR-V 2019. But before you make a purchase, we would recommend you take a test drive and make sure that you have collected all the necessary information. This will make the process of purchasing convenient for you.